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Here's the story of how we got started.

Meet Megan Carter founder of Green and Ivy Cleaning Service in Ocean Beach and Point Loma…

Megan, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My name is Megan Carter, formerly, Megan Hubbard. I am the owner and founder of Green and Ivy Cleaning Services. Green and Ivy is an Eco-friendly, woman-owned, Ocean Beach and Point Loma local house cleaning business. Green and Ivy is my company and I am proud of what I have built. This is my story!

In September of 2017, I had a bad break up with my now ex-boyfriend of eight years and I got laid off from my professional career in the software industry after 22 years of employment. I moved all of my two daughters and my belongings out of our shared condo in Point Loma, into my car, and began looking for a new place to live. That same day, I posted on one of our local Facebook groups that I was looking for a place to rent and call home. I had $100 in my bank account and had been unemployed for six months living on unemployment benefits that were about to run out. Friends in our community started tagging me in the Facebook post as well as tagging Sharon, my soon to be housemate, immediately. I connected with Sharon and toured her lovely home just a few hours later. She accepted my $100 deposit and let me move into the little bedroom that evening. My girls and I shared bunk beds in the bedroom at Sharon’s house for about four months until I renovated the garage and made it into a livable room for myself. I spent the days looks for software jobs, going to the career center, teaching wellness and essential oil classes.

One day a good friend of mine asked me if I could clean her house, I gladly accepted her offer. I was excited to use natural cleaning solutions, like Thieves by Young Living Essential Oils. After I cleaned for her she told me her house smelled wonderful when she got home, not like toxic cleaning solutions, she also said I did the best cleaning job out of all the house cleaners she had used over the years, and she had had many. From that day, my cleaning ability traveled through our community by word of mouth, Facebook, and Nextdoor. I started accumulating a solid client base and started earning a good enough income that I was able to move my little family to a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment two blocks from the ocean.

I started to get overwhelmed with cleaning all day, receiving new client requests, scheduling, and invoicing that in December of 2018, I decided to start my own cleaning business. I created a name and a logo, got licensed and bonded, and hired house cleaners on a contract basis. I enjoyed building my website, scheduling clients, and marketing my company. As of January 1st, 2019, my company was legit, and I had people cleaning for me. My goal has always been to have 100% customer satisfaction. To this day, it is very important for me to meet every new client and develop a relationship with each person and see their home. The best part is that I meet new people every day, I make my schedule, and I have more time to be with my daughters.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Mostly it has been a smooth road, however, I have experienced bumps along the way. Everything is a learning experience for me. I make a point to meet every client before I book cleaning for them, due to a few negative experiences I have had.

I booked a move out cleaning for a seven bedroom house without knowing that five college kids had been partying there. A team of three arrived to clean and it was disgusting. After five hours, we were approaching the quoted number of hours and I contacted the client. He came to see us and was furious that we were only about half way done. I showed him around, showed him bug nests and infestations, enormous amounts of mildew in bathrooms and on ceilings. He started yelling at me and kicked us out. He ended up paying only $100 of the $400 invoice.

Tell us about your business.
We specialize in house cleaning, vacation rental cleaning and restocking, and small business cleaning. We also have a laundry service that we provide for certain clients. We use all-natural cleaning products, we bring all the equipment and supplies with us. We are prompt. We are honest. I like to develop a relationship with my clients. We also offer 100% customer satisfaction. I don’t schedule myself so I can serve as a backup cleaner in case one of our house cleaners is not able to show up for a vacation rental client.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Having happy clients who enjoy the services we provide as well as the house cleaners who work for me feel like they are part of a “team” and enjoy the work that they do.

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